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I want to send you -- absolutely FREE -- my $1,000 "underground" book that shows you how to double... triple... maybe even QUADRUPLE your profits in 120 days or less... by leveraging the hidden assets in your business!

Dear Friend,

If you want to trigger breathtaking growth in your business... and watch your profits soar bigger and faster than ever before… then you’re gonna be ecstatic that you found out about my newest “underground” book.

Because in this new book -- which I'll send you absolutely FREE if you qualify -- I reveal a “secret code” that can double... triple and even QUADRUPLE your profits... in record time.

In fact, I’ve seen profits quadrupled in less than 90 days!

And that’s just for starters.

You see, once you know the "Secret Code" revealed in this new book, quadrupling your business is child’s play. Because just one strategy (I reveal it in Chapter Two) has been proven to produce a... 

1,407% Increase In Sales... In Less Than 30 Days! 

I’ve proven time and time again that this Secret Code is THE most successful thing you can possibly do in your business.

As a matter of fact, more than 30 years of 'in-the-trenches' entrepreneurial experience has proven... hands down... bar none... without a shadow of a doubt... 

There Is NOTHING You Could Possibly Do That Will Have A Bigger Impact In Your Business Than This Secret Code! 

I've proven all that exciting stuff (and more!) can happen for you. And... I'll send it to you absolutely FREE... with three caveats: 

  • You’re not what I call a "DDD" (dopamine dependent dreamer), always buying products looking for the 'magic online money button.' Yet never taking action on any of the information you buy. You just buy it to satisfy your addiction... yet you remain in your delusion... getting ready... to get ready... to get ready... to implement it “some day.” 

  • You’re already a successful business owner making a high income... you’re getting customers and making sales... and you sell high quality products that solve real problems for your customers.    

  • You’re ready to do some simple activities to make the Secret Code work for you. In other words, you agree to IMPLEMENT it in your business. (All the step-by-step instructions for doing that are included in the book. In fact, I couldn’t make it any clearer even if I held you by the hand and personally walked you through it.)

If you can’t answer “YES” to those three caveats... PLEASE... do not read any further.

I'm as serious as a heart attack. If you're just a 'wannapreneur' and not a real entrepreneur -- in other words, you don't have a business and customer list -- it'll be nothing more than entertainment for you. And I can't afford to waste my time and money sending it to you free if you don't qualify.

However... if you can answer “YES” to those three caveats, read on for what I believe will be the most exciting (and lucrative) discovery of your entire life. 

The Secret Code is a way to leverage profits from some highly valuable assets that are hidden in your business. Profits -- in many cases, BIG profits -- you've been leaving on the table month after month, year after year... because, like many business owners, you're unaware how to 'mine' this hidden gold. 

It's a proven way to generate more profits -- in most cases a LOT more profits -- from your existing business and customer base. No matter how big or small your business currently is, you can use this for BIG bumps in sales and profits.

And like I said earlier... the results of this Secret Code are often quite dramatic. And they can happen in a very short period of time.

Amazingly... as powerful and life changing as this Secret Code is (because you can experience STRATOSPHERIC increases in your personal income)... less than 1% of entrepreneurs and marketers even know it. (I confirm that daily just by looking at their sales funnels and email marketing.) 

And that’s GREAT news for you. Because once you know the Secret Code... you’ll have an unfair advantage over all your competitors.

As a matter of fact, even implementing a mere 10% of the Secret Code will put you so far ahead of the pack... 

Your Competitors Won’t Have A Prayer Of Catching Up To You... EVER! 

Look, this Secret Code is sooooo important to your financial future -- and these days sooooo urgent to your financial future -- let’s dive right into the nitty gritty details.

I’ve just published a new 'underground' book revealing a Secret Code. It’s proven to uncover the hidden wealth buried in your business.

I show you how to mine that secret wealth by leveraging certain unseen assets that you’re completely unaware of.

And even if you are aware of them, you most certainly don’t know my contrarian, yet HIGHLY efficient and effective ways of monetizing those assets.

Oh, and just so you know this right up front... if you were to buy this book from me... it's super expensive.

How expensive? Well, I used to sell it for $999. 

However... if you're the type of person I'm looking for -- a positive, 'create your own destiny' entrepreneur/marketer -- I'm going to send you this book 100% FREE!

And to repeat myself (’cuz it’s important)... it’s most definitely NOT for opportunity seekers, do-nothing dreamers and wannapreneurs. It’s for serious business people ONLY.

I wrote it for motivated entrepreneurs and marketers who want to... 

Maximize Your Profits... As Quickly As Possible! 

And that's just one of many secrets I reveal to you in detail in my book.

This Secret Code revealed in my new book is something I’ve taught in various issues of my newsletter, The Doberman Dan Letter. And the smart marketers and entrepreneurs who have implemented it have ALL made incredible gains.

That's why I’ve packaged up all the exciting details and published it in a new book entitled... 

“The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth”

Listen, as sexy as this sounds -- and it is sexy ’cuz it can create a surge in sales and profits so fast it’ll make your head spin -- I gotta tell ya this:

The Secret Code is NOT a get rich quick thang. In fact, I try my best to repel the legion of do-nothing dreamers who think they can buy an online “magic money button” that spits out hundred dollar bills.

Instead, this is for serious business owners who are willing to invest time, effort, and patience to make it work in their businesses.

If that describes you, then I’ve got good news: 

I’ve seen implementation of only 5% of what you’ll discover in “The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth” make a MASSIVE impact in sales and profits. 

Even better... it works with your existing flow of business, no matter how big or small it currently is. 

In other words, it helps you leverage hidden assets you have in your business RIGHT NOW... and lets you monetize them -- often in a VERY big way -- IMMEDIATELY! 

Yes, you can literally get “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth” in your hands within the next few days... and... 

Experience A Surge Of Sales You NEVER Could’ve Gotten Without It... In Less Than 24 Hours! 

In fact, I show you PROOF of that in the book. (Specifically in chapters Two and Four.) 

In the past I've only made this book available to the cherished knights in my Marketing Camelot (my inner circle program) at a VERY high price point. (Like I told you earlier, I used to sell this book for $999.)

I never planned on offering it to the great unwashed masses. And I NEVER thought I'd ever give it away for free. It's just too darn valuable to do that.

But recently I had a change of heart.

You see, there are two reasons I’m giving this book FREE to business owners who meet my qualifications:

First of all, almost daily someone asks me -- usually in a state of desperation -- how to increase their sales and profits. And judging by how most entrepreneurs and marketers are going about it, it’s glaringly obvious that most are clueless about how to do that.

That's why I have a burning desire to help entrepreneurs and marketers by giving them a FREE copy of this $1,000 book. 

Because most of the advice you're getting from the gaggle of self anointed online marketing "gurus" is just plain wrong... and downright dangerous to your sales and profits.

You see, for almost four decades I’ve been on the frontlines of entrepreneurship.

While most of today’s marketing “gurus” were still in diapers, I was deep in the trenches…

Investing my own money to create breakthrough advertising campaigns...

Battling all odds to build wildly profitable businesses launched with nothing more than a yellow legal pad, a blue pen and the three pounds of gray matter in my cranium...

Clawing tooth-and-nail to uncover the immutable laws of success in business and life...

And now... at long last... my just-released “underground” book reveals many of my most effective and hard-won secrets.

Secrets that have earned me and my clients multiple MILLIONS of dollars.

Secrets that have created a lifestyle most folks can only dream about.

And I believe with all my heart and soul... if you’re a REAL entrepreneur and not just a wannabee opportunity seeker... it can produce wealth for you, too.

Here’s a very brief glimpse of just a handful of the business building strategies and secrets you’ll discover if you qualify to get your very own FREE copy this new book:

  • The secret behind my marketing campaign that generated an ROI of 1,183%! (In this detailed case study I walk you through what I sent, why I sent it… and… the core factor that made it such a runaway success.) 

  • How to instantly drive up your advertising ROI, maximize your campaigns and DOUBLE the money you make from every single customer... without badgering or hard selling.

  • The Master Success Formula: How to get MORE new customers, MORE sales from each new customer and charge HIGHER prices.

  • How to DOUBLE your customer “stick rate.” (Plus, a proven “stick letter” you can swipe to BIG time bump up your customer retention, profits and lifetime customer value.)

  • My proven “Sales-Boosting Cash Flow Surge System.” (Discover my step-by-step plan to get a HUGE surge in sales and profits... in 30 days or less!)

  • How to build a loyal, almost cult-like following. (It’s the exact OPPOSITE of what the alleged marketing “experts” tell you to do... but there’s NOTHING more effective for doubling or tripling your lifetime customer value.)

  • THIS little known secret is the true lifeblood of your business... and... I reveal how to exploit it for MAXIMUM profits.

There’s a LOT of business building and moneymaking stuff in The Secret Code.

Heck, you could DOUBLE your business and have your best year ever with just ONE of these strategies.

But we’re just getting started. There’s a lot more.

You’ll also discover...

  • The Power of “60-30-10” and how to use it for much higher conversions in ALL your marketing and sales funnels.

  • The Maximum Profits System - Discover how to ethically extract maximum money from your customers in minimum time... and QUADRUPLE your sales in the next 90 days! (Just this one system alone previously sold for $997... but it’s revealed in its entirety in the book.)

  • Why almost all entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers are DEAD WRONG about new customer acquisition. (This marketing mistake eats into your profit margins like Rosie O’Donnell tearing into a large pepperoni pizza in her green room!)

  • The sales-killing mistake almost all marketers make when upselling. (This little-known error suppresses sales, ruins relationships and destroys trust. I’ll show you how to avoid it... and… how to DOUBLE your conversion rate on upsells, downsells and cross-sells.)

  • One metric to rule them all! (Discover how to properly “read” and use this one key metric and you’ll instantly unlock the power to dominate your competition, steal all their customers and skyrocket your income!)

  • The right & wrong way to scale your business - Scaling-up is one of the fastest ways to go broke. You’ll discover the “Secret of 72” and how to use it to profitably scale any business without going bankrupt.

  • The insider secrets of Agora’s success - I’ve worked “on the inside” and have seen how this massive marketing machine functions behind the scenes. Discover how to use the strategies of this billion-dollar direct response giant to scale your business, maximize your profits and acquire more customers than you can possibly imagine.

These are the sales boosting tips, tricks and tactics you can only discover by working with a proven-in-the-heat-of-battle, “ole skool” direct marketing veteran.

And you’ll have a bird’s eye view of them all in “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth.”

But that's not all. Here are just a few more proven “multiply your profits” secrets you’ll also soon discover:

  • You’ve probably been told the ONLY way to sell high-ticket products is through webinars, seminars, live-events or complex multi-step funnels. I'm here to tell ya... that's a big ole steamin' pile o' BS! You’ll discover how I’m able to sell $5,000, $10,000 even $50,000 products with just a single sales letter... and NO phone calls!

  • How to make FAST CASH when the “wolf is at the door.” (Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll never worry again about unexpected bills, setbacks or financial hardships. Instead you’ll have the knowledge and power to practically mint money on demand!)

  • My jealously guarded secret for maximizing profits from all your sales funnels! (Ignoring this cost me millions upon millions of dollars. You’ll discover the neuro-chemical reason why almost all entrepreneurs focus on the WRONG part of their funnels... and lose out on thousands of customers... and MILLIONS of dollars!)

  • Funnel LIES! Here’s the PROOF that low-priced “tripwire” offers are the WORST way to acquire new customers. (And what to do instead to maximize profits and customer acquisition... while driving down your advertising costs.)

  • How to earn $100,000 in the next 100 days! (This secret was spawned after watching the billion-dollar boxing match between Conor “The Notorious” McGregor and Floyd “Money” Mayweather. And it's completely unknown by 95% of online marketers.)

  • P + PS = SURGE of Sales! This formula is THE key to success in business. You’ll discover how to use “P+PS” to create a mad RUSH of new customers. (Plus - you’ll discover the little known reason why 90% of online businesses fail within 120 days... so now you never again have to worry about that.)

  • Discover how Agora Financial exploded from $50 million to $240 million... in less than three years! (In this chapter I’m joined by Agora Financial’s copy chief who shares how any business owner can engineer quantum leap growth if they focus on just a few core strategies.)

More Sales And Profits From Less Customers... Less Advertising Costs... And Less WORK! 

Because you’ll discover how the Secret Code allows you to LEAPFROG over what’s normally a painfully long “learning curve.” That way you can start making BIG PROFITS... as fast as possible.

As a matter of fact, the mere implementation of just one thing I reveal in Chapter Two will make you feel so GREAT... you’ll be doing back flips! And maybe even feeling a bit “superior” to most business owners who don’t know this Secret Code.


The answer is simple:

Because while others not privy to the Secret Code work harder and longer for less and less... with fear & anxiety as their constant companions... YOU will be getting everything you want! Without doing anything you don’t like or don’t want to do.

You see, I engineered this book to be... 

A Proven Plan To DOUBLE Your Business In 11 Months By Doing Less!

Then... after that... do even LESS... and double it AGAIN in the next 11 months!

My goal for “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth” (and my deepest desire) is that you get your own FREE copy today... and in practically no time at all... you start making more money.

In most cases, a LOT more money.

In fact, if you have a list of customers and prospects... you can actually... 

Make More Money The Very Same DAY!

I’ve done it... my clients have done it... and I have no doubt whatsoever that YOU can do it, too!

What I've shared so far is only the tip of the iceberg. If I revealed every secret you’ll soon discover in “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth” we’d be here all day.

So let me just say this:

Take me up on this offer TODAY to get your very own FREE copy of “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth.” Then you'll have access to my tested and PROVEN “sure thang” strategies and tactics for making... 

MAXIMUM Profits In Minimum Time! 

LMMs (lesser mortal marketers) pitching courses, coaching and masterminds always brag about how many millions of dollars of stuff they’ve sold with their systems, strategies or sales copy. (It amuses me to no end when I see a twenty-something copywriter claiming that he has sold more than the GDP of a small European nation.)

I can’t brag like that. Because I’ve lost track of how much money these secrets have generated.

In fact, since they’re used by so many of my knights (subscribers) and clients, it’s almost impossible to keep track of it and calculate it these days.

A very conservative estimate would put it in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS. (Remember, I’ve been at this a long time. More than 30 years, in fact. I've worked with living legends and have had my hand in some UBER successful campaigns.)

For example, just look at what one of my Knights said about just one strategy you’ll soon discover in “The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth”... 

From Start Up To $2 Million... In Only 12 Months!

“With Dan's guidance I launched a new supplement business the very end of last year year. It has grown quickly and I'm currently on track to do over $2 million this year. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Doberman Dan I highly recommend you take it.” 

- Kevin W., Adel, Iowa 

Take me up on this offer today to get a FREE copy of my book... and you’ll discover the exact strategy I gave to Kevin. Plus you’ll get simple, step-by-step instructions on how to implement it in your business. That way, you can enjoy growth like this, too.

“The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth” is a big, 8.5 x 11, 387-page, “phonebook thick” book. (Geez, that dates me. Do they even publish phone books anymore?)

In other words, it’s a REAL book. Delivered as God himself intended a book to be delivered... in paper & ink.

One that gets shipped to your doorstep and arrives with a reverberating “THUD!” (Like I said, it's pretty big. So big, you could use it as a doorstop.)

Just so you're 100% clear, what I'm saying is this:

It’s NOT a digital book. And there are NO online components.

There are lots of good reasons for that. All proven by science and my personal experience, too.

You see, my number one goal is for you to IMPLEMENT this. That's why I’m delivering it in a way that has been proven -- by MRI brain scans and tons of research -- to be the most effective delivery system for accomplishing that goal. 

And even though I'll send you this book FREE (if you qualify)... when I used to sell it, it was super expensive. ($999 to be exact.)

And based on more than three decades of in-the-trenches experience... I've proven time and again that what's revealed in this "underground book" is... 

The Most Profitable And “Sure Thang” Moneymaker You Can Possibly Do! 

Especially with the very unique and contrarian ways I show you in the book. (These are secrets that are unknown to almost ALL online marketers.)

Anyhoo, that is why this book is so expensive.

However, even though I used to sell it for $999... today only... and if you qualify... I'll send it to you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That's right, for a limited time... you can get  your own copy of “The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth” entirely at my expense.

Yes, the book is packed full of moneymaking gems. Stuff you can use IMMEDIATELY to mine all that hidden wealth in your business you’ve been leaving on the table.

And for that reason alone, offering to send it to you FREE is a crazy generous offer.

However... my offer is gonna get even crazier. You see, you’re not just getting a free book. I’ll also give you... 

Another FREE Bonus That Could Be Worth A FORTUNE To You... Literally!

It's something that'll put money in your pocket IMMEDIATELY. Because I've already done all the work FOR you!

Take me up on this offer today and I’ll give you a license to one of my most effective, proven and time-tested systems for increasing your lifetime customer value. 

And... I’m gonna deliver it to you as... 

A “Done For You” System!

It’s called the “Maximum Profits System” and it has been THE most effective thing I’ve ever done to as much as TRIPLE my lifetime customer value. (All the “how to” is revealed in Chapters 8 & 9 of your Secret Code book.)

Since it can make such a huge impact on your net profits, I want to make implementing it as fast and easy as possible for you. 

That’s why I’m giving you... 

A Lifetime License To My Done-For-You Maximum Profits System! 

This is a complete 120-day plan I created for my own businesses... designed to extract every possible penny in profits.

And it's ready to go with almost EVERYTHING you need.

I’ve licensed this in the past to a few clients for as much as $30,000. And they were happy to pay it... because the return on investment it produces is MASSIVE.

That means this bonus alone has...

An Honest To Goodness $30,000 Value! 

However... I’ll give you this license and done-for-you system FREE -- along with your FREE copy of “The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth” -- when you take me up on this generous offer before the deadline.

Now here’s the thang... it’s mostly done for you. There's still "some assembly required." In other words, it’s gonna take a little tweaking on your part to adapt it to your business and products.

But I’m tellin’ ya... the small amount of tweaking sure as heck beats sweating blood for months or years on end creating the whole 120-day plan from scratch like I originally did.

Instead I’m giving you the shortcut... practically on a silver platter.

I’m handing you the complete system. Just open the files in Microsoft Word, make a few tweaks and you’re good to go!

You’re getting the whole kit and caboodle and all the copy (emails, letters, scripts, etc.) that makes this system work so well. It’s like having...

Your Very Own Money Printing Machine!

Just for a minute, imagine this:

In only a few days from now you receive your FREE Secret Code book. 

And you get INSTANT ACCESS to your extra FREE bonus with all the files you need to set up the Maximum Profits System in your business. (It's brain dead simple to get this system working in your business right away.)

Then in practically no time at all you see your sales and profits SOARING!

Imagine how GREAT you'll feel! Because at last... now that you know this Secret Code, all your money worries are a thing of the past!

Take advantage of this offer today and all that -- and MORE -- can happen for you, too.

In fact, if you don’t at least DOUBLE your lifetime customer value in a very short period of time I’ll be shocked.

Listen... getting an extra FREE bonus this valuable comes with a condition:

You’ll have a license to use this system in any business with which you have an ownership interest. But you are NOT permitted to license, give or sell this system to anybody else.

Ya dig?

Look... it took me YEARS of testing... tons of trial and error... and even a few gallons of tears shed to create this successful system. But you’re getting a license to “steal” it with my blessing.

However, if you don't want to miss out on this, you gotta take me up on this offer before the deadline

If you delay even one second after, you'll miss out on your FREE book (a true $999 value)... and you’ll miss out on the license for the Maximum Profits done-for-you system (a true $30,000 value!)

Listen, even if you wanted to buy this book for $999... you can't.

It's no longer available for sale anywhere

At any price.

The ONLY way you can get your hands on your FREE copy of The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth... and your lifetime license to my Maximum Profits system... is to... 

You Now Have A Choice To Make...

Are you content to sit on the sidelines, watching others fly past you, steal your customers and create the lifestyle of their dreams?

Are you content to have a business built on a “one-legged stool” that could collapse at any moment? (Cough, cough, Facebook)

Are you content not living life to your fullest potential? Knowing that you could be sooooo much more... and sooooo much wealthier... if only you had the right information and guidance?

I truly hope not. Because I’ve seen where that path takes you. Heck, I’ve been on that path myself in the past. It makes EVERYTHING suck.

Or... are you a doer... an action-taker… a winner who’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals?

If you've made it this far, I believe you are. So here’s what you need to do next:

Click the button below to start your FREE 30-day trial knighthood in the Marketing Camelot today. 

Order immediately and Holly in fulfillment will RUSH ship your New Knight Welcome Package to your doorstep right away. Which includes your FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, the latest issue of The Doberman Dan Letter and your "mystery" bonuses.

All you pay today is just Shipping & Handling.

Then... as soon as your lovingly prepared package arrives within the next few days... you’ll hold exclusive access to a Secret Code for generating all the sales and profits you desire. 

And don't forget... you'll get immediate access to your other free bonuses and all the other moneymaking lessons on the special password protected Knights of the Round Table membership site. (I'll send your log-in info to you by email as soon as you claim your FREE 30-day knighthood trial.)

One day soon, I believe you'll look back on this day as a "black swan" moment in your life.

One that finally turned your business into the growing, prosperous enterprise you've always dreamed about.

All the best,

Doberman Dan

P.S. If you own a working business -- no matter its present size -- The Secret Code to Hidden Wealth will be the most profitable thing you’ve ever done in the entire HISTORY of your business.

Hands down... without a doubt... bar none... THE most successful and profitable thing EVER!

Based on that, click the button below and claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood today... before this limited time offer expires and you miss out on your FREE book and all the other FREE moneymaking bonuses.

Pax vobsicum. 

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Having said all that, now seems like a good time to introduce myself...

I'm known as Doberman Dan. (Because nobody can spell, pronounce or remember my real last name.)

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 36 years. And a direct response marketer and "A list" copywriter for almost three decades.

I consider myself a "bootstrap" entrepreneur. In other words, I’ve started a whole plethora of businesses on my kitchen table. With nothing but a yellow legal pad, blue pen and the gray matter in my cranium.

Many of these “kitchen table businesses” have supported me with a lifestyle that would be envied by some of the most successful CEOs in the country.

Several of my businesses were cranked out under great financial duress... with nothing but spit, grit and duct tape. 

I was broke, my back was against the wall, the wolf was at the door and I decided to run my idea “up the flag pole” to see how many people would salute it with their wallets. 

Several of these “ready-fire-aim” businesses have gone on to make fortunes.

I’ve sold a couple of my info businesses for big paydays. I’ve also sold three nutritional supplement businesses I started from my kitchen table, enjoying a few bouts of “mini retirement.”

But believe me… I didn’t have any advantages getting started as an entrepreneur. I’m a guy who barely graduated from Barberton High School in Ohio.

I picked the wrong parents so there was no million-dollar trust fund or rich uncle to help launch my entrepreneurial pursuits. In fact, to describe my upbringing as “lower middle class” is being generous.

Because of that, my first ten years as an entrepreneur…

I Had To “Bootstrap” Every Single Business I Started

And it was not easy.

Every single business was started on a shoestring budget. And for the first few years, things were extremely lean.

I was so broke I went out on a limb and financed all my start-up costs on multiple credit cards. I worked around the clock, often missing meals so I could invest my grocery money into testing marketing ideas.

And… like so many other entrepreneurs, I hit my share of roadblocks. (Actually “roadblocks” doesn’t even come close to describing the disasters, disappointments and depression I endured.)

In fact, during the first nine long and lonely years of my serial entrepreneurial journey… every single one of my businesses never even made one red cent in profit… leaving me defeated, dejected and in debt. 

I felt like the biggest loser in the world.

That is, until I discovered some little known secrets of the “ole skool” marketing masters. I studied those classic marketing materials as if my life depended on it. (Because it actually did.)

Then I adapted and applied those secrets to one of my struggling and “on life support” online businesses at the time and...

It Exploded My Sales 1,407%... In Only 5 Months! 

Take A FREE 30-Day Trial In My Marketing Camelot Today!

What's the Marketing Camelot?

It's the most effective, most efficient and most cost effective way for me to share my most valuable business building, moneymaking and profit producing lessons and secrets for growing your business (and income) as quickly as possible.

It's my inner circle membership where I share all my hard-won secrets for earning as much money as you desire... without becoming a slave to your business.

I call it the "Marketing Camelot" because -- just like King Arthur sent petitions far and wide looking for the most valiant knights in all of Europe -- I'm also putting out the call seeking brave knights all over the world.

Knight Treasure #1

The first treasure you get as a knight is a subscription to The Doberman Dan Letter... the official monthly publication of the Marketing Camelot.

Every month, this newsletter -- sent in paper & ink via first-class postal mail -- pulls back the curtain and gives you an in depth look into the life of a master marketer, A-list copywriter and successful serial entrepreneur.

It's a virtual "look over my shoulder" at all the successful stuff I'm doing in my own businesses and the clients I work with.

Every issue is like having moneymaking opportunities knock on your door. All you have to do is answer.

I pour my heart and soul into my newsletter. And I share EVERYTHING I've discovered about success in business and life... learned from more than three decades as a serial direct response entrepreneur.

And that includes all the embarrassing stuff I'd rather NOT share... and have never revealed before.

You get a very personal look into my daily life. An almost real-time education about what's working RIGHT NOW in direct response/online marketing to make maximum money in minimum time.

Each month you'll...

See The Behind-The-Scenes Results Of Everything!

Base hits, grand slam home runs and the disappointing and humiliating strikeouts. I'm going to reveal it ALL to you... 

Practically right as it's happening.

I don't think you'll ever get a more honest, "open book" look into a master marketer's strategies, tactics and techniques of harnessing the market forces that generate millions and millions of dollars.

If you own a successful business you'd like to grow to its maximum moneymaking potential...

Just One Idea From One Issue Could Make You A Fortune!

The Doberman Dan Letter is based on my own expensive experience... learned the hard way... with my OWN money.

You might not always agree with it... but you can be sure I didn't swipe it out of a book, polish it up and pass it off as some B.S. miracle solution for all your problems.

These are real-time moneymaking lessons pulled from what's working RIGHT NOW in my own businesses... and those of the clients I work with.

You'll usually get a small dose of my personal success philosophy in each issue... but I realize you can't make your mortgage payment or buy groceries with philosophy.

My job is to show you how to make more money than you ever imagined possible... faster than you ever thought possible.

Helping You Make A Lot Of Money... FAST!

As much as your greedy little heart desires. 

And doing it in a way that can create any lifestyle you can imagine.

That's only a teeny tiny glimpse of what you get each and every month in The Doberman Dan Letter.

And it's only one benefit you get as a Knight of the Round Table in the Marketing Camelot.

You also get...

Knight Treasure #2

I want you to have every possible advantage for reaching your goals as quickly as possible. That's why you'll also get exclusive access to a Knights Of The Round Table monthly webinar.

These webinars reveal tested and proven -- and immediately actionable -- tips, tactics and strategies for getting new customers, increasing your conversions and making more profits.

I often invite a guest expert, including some of your brother and sister knights in the Marketing Camelot. These are the very "go to" people I contact when I need help with my own marketing challenges.

And we cover a wide variety of topics... all designed to help you build your business better and faster.

You'll discover secrets from top industry experts and "in the trenches" entrepreneurs about traffic generation... market research... sales copy... hot products selling like crazy... almost any business topic you need help with.

Look, I know the entrepreneur's life can be a solitary one. You often feel like you're all alone.

But not anymore!

I'll be your guide on this journey. Because I've already blazed the trail for you.

And I personally guide you down that trail with our monthly Knights of the Round Table webinars.

Just a few of the things I've shared -- or soon will share -- are...

  • Time tested and proven ideas to significantly increase your new customer acquisition...

  • How I regularly double, triple and even QUADRUPLE retention in continuity programs. (This can SKYROCKET your profits in RECORD time.)

  • Seven secrets for quickly writing million-dollar ads and sales letters — both online and offline. Even if the only thing you've ever written is a grocery list. (No experience required. Simply "fill in the blanks" and you can create million-dollar sales copy.)

  • How to make yourself a celebrity in your market...

  • How to defeat self-sabotaging behavior by reprogramming the neural pathways causing your destructive behavior...

  • My 10/10 system! (The 10 big breakthroughs to multiply your income by at least 10 times... while creating more autonomy, independence, and security than ever before.)

  • Three simple and quick ways to "punch up" your current offers so you get the highest possible conversions.

Even if you're not able to attend these monthly webinars live, you get access to all the replays. That way you won't ever miss out on all this good stuff.

Knight Treasure #3

Another big benefit is our private Knights-Only website.

This is a special place where you can discover the best ways to conquer all the dragons you're currently facing (or will soon face) in your entrepreneurial battles.

The Marketing Camelot membership site is chock-full of "look over my shoulder" training videos, audios and special reports that reveal...

  • A proven "how to attract high paying clients" system. (The exact same one I use myself.)

  • Successful and proven "fill in the blanks" copywriting templates. (The exact same ones I've used in my own businesses.)

  • My market research system to enter new markets, create new businesses and discover the hottest selling products. (This gives you an almost unfair advantage over all your competitors!)

  • A simple, pragmatic, proven and easily implemented system to become a millionaire... even if you just have a very small business.

  • And MUCH more!

And I regularly post new training videos, audios, special reports, templates and tools... all revealing what's working NOW in online marketing.

Heck, just one lesson gleaned from the hundreds of available lessons can be your "X factor" this year... doubling, tripling, or QUADRUPLING your sales and profits.

Knight Treasure #4

There's nothing else you could possibly master that's more important than persuasion skills.

More specifically, written persuasion.

Every good thing happening in my business and personal life today (and it's NEVER been better) is a direct result of my ability to persuade with the written word. And I want the same or better for you.

That's why each month you'll also get access to the massive, knights-only...

Copywriting Swipe File!

This isn't just any sales copy. I only share copy that's currently a control, a control beater or has been a very strong control in the past. (A "control" is a high converting piece of sales copy.)

And since I know darn near everybody in this business -- from the little minnows all the way up to multimillion and billion-dollar "whales" -- I have access to secrets about copywriting you'd never discover without me.

In addition, I include a video analysis of each piece. I'll break down the format, elements and explain all the reasons why the writer included what they wrote. And any ideas I might have to improve it.

It's a value-packed lesson about persuasive moneymaking writing... from a "top of his game" A-list copywriter with more than 30 years experience.

If you'll simply follow along and do what I tell you... this one benefit alone...

Can Send Your Sales And Conversions Soaring!

That's what it's done for me and many others. And I want that for you, too!

I invest at least three hours to prepare and produce this one component for you on a regular basis. That means based on my hourly rate, this one module alone is worth a minimum of $6,000.

Knight Treasure #5

As online marketers, we're inundated with offers for various vendors, apps, services, software, email providers, shopping carts, tracking programs, split testing programs, website/funnel creation software, ad nauseum.

How in the world can you tell if any of this stuff is any good and lives up to its often over-hyped claims?

You can't.

I know.

Because I've been burned... a lot.

That's why as a knight in the Marketing Camelot you'll get access to all the vendors and service providers I've personally vetted and approved.

It has taken me almost three DECADES to wade through all the fakes, flimflams and fraudsters to find these HONEST and DEPENDABLE service providers.

These are the people and services I trust and use in my own businesses... and the ones I recommend to my handful of one-on-one clients.

Even better... in many cases I've negotiated substantial discounts for you. These discounts aren't available to ANYBODY other than the knights in my Marketing Camelot.


The Doberman Dan Multimillion Dollar Swipe File!

Take advantage of this FREE 30-day trial today and you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to a swipe file of some of my most successful sales copy.

These are promotions I've written for my own businesses and products. So they include my current "Doberman Dan" products... and also includes copy I've written for businesses I've owned in the past.

It's a crash course in hard hitting, high converting, persona driven sales copy.

And if you only absorb 5% of the available lessons you'll find in studying these swipe pieces...  you can experience...

BIG Boosts In Your Conversions, Sales And Profits!

With all these free bonuses I'm giving you... The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, your lifetime license to my Maximum Profits system and the Doberman Dan Multimillion Dollar Swipe File... you'll be on the fast track to building your business BIGGER and FASTER than ever before.

But that's still not all the FREE bonuses you get as a new knight...

Claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood TODAY and you'll also get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a course my mastermind members paid $10,000 for that shows you...


How To Ignite An EXPLOSION Of New Customers With This "Contrarian" Traffic Strategy!

Have you been frustrated, overwhelmed and perplexed with all the so-called "guaranteed" ways to get traffic to your website?

Has content creation... blogging... social media... SEO methods... and all the other "grunt work" left you with only a teeny tiny trickle of traffic?

Do you feel like you're a slave to Google and Facebook? Because you know that only one little algorithm or policy change could put you out of business... practically overnight?

Are you also struggling to convert that traffic into PAYING customers?

If so, then I've got good news...

What if getting traffic isn't as hard as some have led you to believe?

What if getting a consistent and reliable stream of new customers was as simple as turning on a "traffic faucet?"

Now it can be. Once you know these successful "under the radar" traffic generation secrets.

And TODAY ONLY... you'll have the opportunity to discover those secrets... 100% FREE!

Get knighted today with this 30-day trial offer and you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to a comprehensive traffic course called Media Buying Magic.

Just a few years ago my mastermind members invested $10,000 for access to this information. But you get access to it FREE when you become a knight today.

You'll discover how a "kitchen table" entrepreneur with a bootstrap budget built two 8-figure "800 lb. gorilla" businesses... in two highly competitive markets... using this little known traffic strategy.

And how YOU can do it, too!

You'll discover the very best, most predictable, most reliable and "proven in the heat of battle" ways to...

Get As Much Traffic As You Can Handle!

Even better... you can do it with as little risk as possible.

Because instead of focusing only on quantity... and attracting a flood of worthless, non-buying lookie-loo visitors... you'll discover a little known "contrarian" method for attracting proven BUYER traffic.

Just a few of the many jealously guarded traffic generating secrets you'll discover are...

  • A little known -- and rarely used -- online media that allows you to start with only a couple hundred bucks... then scale up FAST... to get hundreds and possibly THOUSANDS of orders a day. (And no, it doesn't involve Google or Facebook... or any kind of pay-per-click advertising. It has a THOUSAND times greater potential.)

  • An under-the-radar tactic to remove as much risk as possible from your online advertising. (This is almost an UNFAIR advantage... because you'll know the most concise set of variables that can give you the highest chance of success.)

  • The very FIRST thing you must do if your ad bombs. (If you don't know this, you risk abandoning what COULD be a grand slam home run winner after this one simple tweak.)

  • How to free yourself and your business from being slaves to Google and Facebook. (YOU will control your traffic, not them. Even better... there's at least 1,000 times more traffic available with this!)

  • The little known "twist" on EPC... and how you can use it to be successful in even the most competitive of markets and media. (If you don't know this, you double or even TRIPLE the risk of losing all your money!)

  • How to use these two "spy on your competition" tools to figure out exactly what your market wants to buy. (Even better, you'll be using your competitors' money and testing to figure it out for you!)

  • The insiders "polynomial" secret for knowing the little known variables that make all your ads bring in as many customers... and as much MONEY... as possible.

That's only a small sample of the many uber effective traffic generation secrets you'll discover. There are a LOT more. But if I shared everything with you, we'd be here all day.

Claim your knighthood today only... and you get INSTANT ACCESS to this proven traffic generation system -- a true $10,000 value! -- absolutely FREE!

Here's The Bottom Line...

If you're truly serious about building a successful business... your knighthood in the Marketing Camelot can be the master key that opens the door to financial freedom.

Claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood in the Marketing Camelot immediately and I'll have your New Knight Welcome Package rush shipped to your doorstep. (It includes the current issue of The Doberman Dan Letter, your FREE copy of my $1,000 book, The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth... and a couple cool moneymaking surprises I think you're gonna LOVE.)


  • Take your time to peruse all the moneymaking material on the knights website...


  • Check out your Secret Code book, the latest newsletter and the "mystery" bonuses you'll get delivered to your doorstep in your New Knight Welcome Package...

  • Then join me on our monthly Knights of the Round Table webinars... so you can ask me and my special guests your most pressing marketing and business questions.

In other words, I want you to start using all these materials as soon as possible to...

Grow Your Business And Make More Money... As FAST As Possible!

After your 30-day FREE trial, your knighthood in the Marketing Camelot is only $199 per month... and shipping is FREE no matter where you live.

That works out to be a ridiculously low investment of only $6.63 a day. (You probably spend more than that every day just on coffee and/or heart-clogging fast foods.) 

Compared to your potential return on investment, it's the deal of the decade.

And there's no contract, no commitment. You can cancel at any time.

If you don't think this is right for you... simply email Jackie in Customer Service any time and she'll cancel your knighthood so you won't be billed any more recurring fees.

There Are NO Guarantees!

It's not because my strategies and tactics don't work. They do. For the people who work them.

The reason there are no guarantees is because I have no idea if YOU will work. Or... if you'll do like many people do and self-sabotage because of messed up mindset issues and limiting beliefs.

That's why there are no refunds on subscriptions.

However... you can cancel any time (for any reason).

And really, if a $199/month decision is a big deal for you, this is most definitely NOT the right place for you.

Truth be told, this exclusive membership is not for everyone.

And the vast majority of delusional people who call themselves "Internet Marketers" don't qualify.


Because the dysfunctional "Internet Marketing" niche is overrun with people who don't have a REAL business. They just delude themselves into thinking they're an entrepreneur or marketer because they buy courses... yet never actually DO anything.

This is for people who already have a business -- even if it's only working in a small way -- and want to GROW that business. And/or for people with the drive and desire to start a new business... and do what's necessary to make it successful.

Does that describe you? Great! You're about to feel like you've finally found your long lost home.

Just so we're 100% clear on this, let me tell you...

Who It's NOT For...

  • It's not for people who never commit or focus on creating something great in their lives... 

  • It's not for the delusional people who only talk, talk, talk... but never actually implement anything...

  • It's not for people who whine about information overload... yet continue to immerse themselves in buying courses with lots of "meditation without motion"... never actually DOING anything.

You see, everybody wants to be a wealthy entrepreneur... but very, very few are willing to pay the price.

That means doing the emotional work to develop the right mindset...

Doing the study and hard work to develop the right skills...

And staying the course no matter what obstacles you face.

It took me nine years of non-stop failure before I had my first successful business. And even then, that business was only successful enough (initially) to replace my $36,000/year income from my j-o-b as a Dayton, Ohio police officer.

It took me an ADDITIONAL ten years to make my first 7-figures in one year.

So 19 years total for all that. 

Not 9 months. 

Not 19 months. 

19 YEARS, ya dig?

Thanks to all my monumental struggles... and me sharing these lessons with my knights so you can avoid the legion of dumbass mistakes (and self sabotage) I made along the way... I'm sure that YOU can do it much, much faster than me. 

The point is this: 

Being a successful entrepreneur ain't exactly a walk in the park... so...

If You're Not Prepared To Pay The Price For Success... Do NOT Join Me!

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

A Total Value Of $41,498... You Get Absolutely FREE!

You'll also get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to dozens of the other sales boosting, moneymaking lessons on our private knights-only website.

There's one last thang... and it's a huge pet peeve of mine:

Please, please, PLEASE... for the love of all things good and holy... like puppies, apple pie and your dear ole granny... do NOT attempt to join if you're one of the MANY delusional people in this sick, twisted Internet Marketing space who think you can learn a super secret online marketing "ninja" trick today... and be rich by next week.

There are plenty of sociopaths in the IM world who are already gladly (and shamelessly) selling that snake oil. So if that's your mindset, there's no lack of places for you to go. But it sure as Gehenna ain't in my Marketing Camelot.

Just so you know... you'll get no pressure from me to stay a knight either.

Nor will you ever be subjected to any of the evil, cult-like, emotional manipulation, shaming, bullying... and all the other unethical EST-based bullcrap that so many "gurus" in the screwed up Internet Marketing space use to intimidate you into staying in their "cult"... and continuing to give them your money.

I refuse to play those head games. If someone is not knight material (and really, very few are)... I want them to Vaya con Dios... as soon as possible.

My "salt of the earth" Knights Of The Round Table and I will continue to prosper whether you stick around... or decide to quit on yourself. Makes no difference to us either way. (Actually, very, very few quitters join in the first place. It makes them extremely uncomfortable to be around winners... so most tuck tail and run before ever getting started.)

Bottom line: If you're a dreamer and not a doer... and you're not prepared to implement what I share with you in this exclusive, boutique tribe of warriors...

Or... if you're just temporarily excited about your FREE book, the free 30-day trial, all the free bonuses and knight treasures... but aren't ready to do some REAL work in your business... then please... don't join.

On the other hand, if you're one of the very, very few go-getters who are up to the challenge...

Do that immediately and you'll get the following FREE bonuses...

  • FREE BOOK - The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth! (A $999 value!)
  • EXTRA FREE BONUS - Your lifetime license to my Maximum Profits system (A $30,000 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - The Doberman Dan Multimillion Dollar Swipe File (A $499 value!) 
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Media Buying Magic! (A $10,000 value!)

When you add it all up, that's a total value of $41,498... you get absolutely FREE!

However, you need to take advantage of this special offer right away. 

Because if you miss out on all this, you're gonna feel gawd awful HORRIBLE.

You see, my 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur has taught me many lessons. And one of the most important is this:

A year from now... six months from now... heck, maybe even only a few days from now...

You'll Regret That You Didn't Get Started TODAY!

Because you'll feel the "kicked in the gut" pain of missing out... knowing all the money, freedom and happiness you lost out on just because you didn't take advantage of this FREE 30-day trial offer today.

And all the FREE bonuses you missed out on, too.

Sadly, I've felt that pain of regret myself. And I do NOT want you to suffer like that.

So please... for your sake... for your family's financial future... for the sake of your financial independence... take me up on this crazy generous offer right now.

All your free bonuses are not available for sale ANYWHERE.

At any price.

The ONLY way you can get your hands on all this is by taking me up on this offer to become a Knight in the Marketing Camelot before the deadline.

So click the green button below to claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood today...

P.P.S. Here's what a few people are saying about me and my Marketing Camelot...

From Start Up To $2 Million... In Only 12 Months!

"I had a successful Amazon business and sold it shortly before meeting Doberman Dan at a seminar. With Dan's guidance I launched a new supplement business the very end of 2015. It has grown quickly and I'm currently on track to do over $2 million in 2016. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Doberman Dan I highly recommend you take it."

Kevin W.

Adel, Iowa

Michael Garbo - Entrepreneur

Brian Stachurski - Copywriter

Tim Chesonis - Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

Pete Arnott - Copywriter

Nate Rifkin - Copywriter & Author

Joshua Lee Henry - Copywriter & Entrepreneur

Mark Ingles - Entrepreneur & Online Marketer

Joe Brammer – Gym owner and supplement business

John Phillips – Direct Marketing Strategist & Consultant

“His Writing Is Compelling, Convincing, Lively And Always Works!”

“Dan Gallapoo has been writing direct mail promotions for my company for over ten years. We keep using him to sell our books, fitness products and magazine subscriptions over and over because his writing is compelling, convincing and lively and always works!”

Robert Kennedy

Publisher of MuscleMag International, Oxygen, American Curves, Maximum Fitness, Reps and the uber-successful Eat Clean series of books featured on Oprah!


“I have been a knight for a few months but I can say the information I receive in the monthly bulletin is priceless. Dan delivers so much value and emphasizes and illustrates a pathway to make your business a success. Just sell the damn thing people."

Dr. Richard Muccillo

“Dan Has Shown Me How To Overcome My Mental Barriers”

“I am writing this with the great gratitude I have for Dan and his unique perspective on business and life.

He has taught me so much about direct marketing and copywriting and in these areas he is a genius in my opinion.

But that is not what I am most grateful for. Dan has shown me how to overcome the mental barriers caused by my past.

How to stop listening to the naysayers, step away from procrastination and act even though there is fear of failure.

Even though I haven’t had what I would call massive success I am well on the way there and I thank Dan for helping me get to that place.”

Aaron Lyster

“My Only Regret Is Not jumping In Sooner!”

“I have found a clearer path with renewed inspiration to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship through the Marketing Camelot. My only regret is not jumping in sooner.

There is a little bit of overwhelm with the vast resources available but little by little I’m going through the videos and absorbing the nuggets of wisdom you provide through the different quests in the Knights’ members’ area.

I truly appreciate the small treasures you provided newly minted knights which I proudly carry with me everywhere I go now as a constant reminder of my new mission in life. These small gifts cemented in my mind the wisdom you have been mentioning and repeating in the webinars, your book, and in the podcasts as you demonstrated how to do it in the real world when you sent these symbols of knighthood during my first months as a knight.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of the round table! It’s definitely the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Best regards,

Joel Bañez

“His Authenticity Oozes From His Programs!”

“Sir Brett of Berry here… a relatively new “knight” in Dan’s Marketing Camelot. I have a few words for anyone considering purchasing one or more of Dan’s programs…

View my commentary with a healthy skepticism. It’s often the best way to challenge the value of what’s being presented. Validate for yourself. This is how I approached him and now I am “neck deep” in his world.

Number one – “Dan the Man”. My gut tells me Dan is a genuine guy. He is coming from a place of service. His authenticity “oozes” from his podcast, from his programs, from his copy. I also like his sense of humor. Mother always said I was twisted.

Dan is not one of those “guru du jour’s” that you see all over social media. His “old school” approach to marketing is deeply rooted in solid, timeless proven principles. Not “bullshit shiny objects” that he so frequently rails against. This smells like credibility to me. Integrity.

There are times when you have to overlook the personality traits or “eccentricities” of a creator – when you assess the importance of their work. Two examples come to mind – Dan Kennedy and Gary Halbert. Legendary marketing geniuses in their own right. But they came with a “little grumpy and a little crazy” as part of the package.

Dan studied under both and has risen to the same high level of respect and status – but… he comes without all the “drama”. I am a long- time marketing student (a really long time!). He’s one of the best and brightest I have come across. Refreshing.

Number two – the quality of his programs. I loved his Off the Chain podcast. I am a knight in his Marketing Camelot. Tons of great content here. I also purchased his “Affiliates Program” and his $1,000 book (am I crazy? Dr. Phil says two more visits – jury’s still out).

Most recent purchase and most importantly for me, the Supplement Business Blueprint. Anticipating a monster ROI on my investment here.

I can attest that the power, the simplicity and the implications for effectiveness are there in all of the programs I have consumed. As I went through Double D’s material I started to think, “Hey Big Dummy, you can do this” (my own brand of positive self-talk).

My test for “is something worth trading my hard-earned money for” is:

  • Does it deliver on its promise?
  • Does it surprise me with something extra that I didn’t expect?
  • Does it get me really excited about putting it into practice?

Dan checks all three boxes for me. Big time.

Number three – What about results?

I am a “newbie” to the program. I am just getting rolling with the supplement business blueprint, so I can’t yet give you a personal success account – but stay tuned…

What I believe (with my wallet) is that Dan’s journey and long track record of creating his own “kitchen table business” success stories – speaks for itself. That alone was enough evidence for me.

If you need more proof, consider his decades of copywriting client successes. He’s an “A-list player”. A go-to guy in the marketing world. Silly big result triumphs here.

If that’s not enough evidence for you, “pile on” how many of his students have gone on to make obscene sums of money taking action on his advice. Directly from following his programs. It’s a big body count.

So there ya go. I am not a paid celebrity spokesperson. I am just a guy seeking to finish strong in life and believe that Dan’s got a road map I can follow to get there. You can too.

I highly recommend you at least take a look. Dip your toe in and sign up for the newsletter. Join the Marketing Camelot. You will be exposed to a lot. Big over delivery of value here.

After that, decide for yourself. You may end up going deep in his world like I have. The water’s fine. Maybe see you at the swim up bar. Next piña colada is on me.

Here’s to your success and make it a great day!

Brett Berry

“Dan Is Someone You Can Trust”

“I have loved being one of Dan’s knights. With the cesspool of marketing crap out there, Dan is someone you can trust. His teaching and writing styles are simple and easy for anyone to follow. His knowledge and experience have changed my life and they will for you, too.”

Eric Stone

“Invaluable Copywriting Tips, Untapped Traffic Channels... And Easy To Implement!”

Dan isn’t afraid to go against the grain and what’s popular, and opens your eyes to unconventional aspects and areas of marketing you wouldn’t think of yourself.

I’m not just talking timeless direct marketing principles that fade to the background of today’s noise and shiny objects, but also invaluable copywriting tips and untapped traffic channels.

What’s more – he does it in a way that’s not only easy to implement, but also highly entertaining to consume.

Anyone who’s willing to implement what he shares can’t help but notice the big difference this makes in their bottom-line… that is, if you like that kind of “thang.”

Jacob Schram

Answer that 'King Arthur' call today and here's everything you'll get with your FREE 30-day trial knighthood in the Marketing Camelot...

"He's Got The Halbert Seal Of Approval"

"I lived with Dan for 43 days when he had an apartment in Costa Rica. He's a good professional copywriter and he learned some things in Costa Rica that hardly any other copywriter knows about. He's got my seal of approval."

Gary Halbert

Regarded As The "World's Greatest Copywriter"

Bottom line... The Doberman Dan Letter is all about...

"His Newsletter Is Outstanding. I Drop Everything To Read It Every Time It Arrives"

"When Gary Halbert was alive and putting out The Gary Halbert Letter, no matter how busy I was or how much of my mail would wait for days to be sorted and opened, I stopped damn near everything I was doing to open and read his newsletter. I couldn't wait. I am this way about a few, a very few inbounds of any kind from anyone or any entity.

The newsletter I never skim, always read, and tend to read on receipt comes from Doberman Dan. I subscribe to, qualify for and receive over 100 different newsletters every month that are not given the same priority.

His newsletter is outstanding. He's a very smart copywriter. Tracks all the way back to Halbert, as do I. There's almost a ghost of Halbert sense to his stuff."

Dan Kennedy

The world's highest paid copywriter and world renowned marketing consultant

But that's not all you get. Not by a long shot.

When you choose knighthood in the Marketing Camelot you'll also get...

"Dan’s a great guy to brainstorm with!"

John Carlton

Legendary Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

But that's still not all.

You also get...

304th Fastest Growing Company In America

"We put into place the things we learned from Dan's mastermind and the result was adding "rocket fuel" to our growth rate. In fact, in 2013 our little company was named the 304th fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine. 

Our business grew over 1,400% and we credit Dan and our mastermind partners for helping us break through to the next level of growth."

Allen and Erin Baler

Reboot Marketing LLC

But there's more. You'll also get...

“The Information He Dishes Out Is Off The Hook! I Can’t Wait To Get His Newsletter Every Month”

“I took my little publishing business from me and a kitchen table to a 7-figure per-year, 35-man operation… most of it with a HUGE nod of thanks to your JSTDT common sense.”

Brian Keith Voiles

Mega-successful “A-list” copywriter with HUNDREDS of record-setting multi-million dollar controls and CEO of Manifest Opulence Publishing LLC

Yes, you get a LOT of sales-boosting and moneymaking treasures as a knight in the Marketing Camelot. But that's not all you'll get as a new knight.

Claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood TODAY and I'll throw in another fast action bonus. You'll also get INSTANT ACCESS to...

“I Just Want To Say Thanks A MILLION… Literally!”

“Your newsletter and advice have helped me build my online auto parts business to over 5.5 million in annual sales. I believe any industry can take your easy and powerful strategies and apply them to grow their business. You are definitely an outside-the-box thinker. It’s a breath of fresh air to learn from someone out there applying the strategies they are teaching, and not someone who’s just a talking head out to take my money. I can tell you really care about your clients.”

Brian Hanson

Jacksonville, FL

"TRIPLED Our Sales In Only 12 Months!"

“We only had time to implement two of the unique programs Dan provided us to boost sales and profits. Even with the limited time we had to invest, within the past 12 months we’re just a tad shy of TRIPLING our sales.”

Steve Young and Mike Ledeboer

A.S. Research Supplements

Look, I want to make this a complete no-brainer decision for you.

That's why -- TODAY ONLY -- claim your FREE 30-day trial knighthood in the Marketing Camelot and you'll get the following FREE bonuses...

  • FREE BOOK - The Secret Code To Hidden Wealth! (A $999 value!)
  • EXTRA FREE BONUS - Your lifetime license to my Maximum Profits system (A $30,000 value!)
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 - The Doberman Dan Multimillion Dollar Swipe File (A $499 value!) 
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 - Media Buying Magic! (A $10,000 value!)

When you add it all up, that's...

What about a guarantee?

Listen, just like in life, every smart entrepreneur knows...

$87,000/Year ‘Auto-Pilot’ Business Started In Only One Month!

“After all the thousands I’ve invested in various courses and materials, Dan’s advice has been the most valuable in helping me build a profitable health and fitness publishing company. His coaching allowed me to start a new business from my kitchen table with practically no capital… and create a part-time supplement business in only one month, currently on track to make $87,000 its first year… completely on auto-pilot!”

Chris Stella

My Marketing Camelot is also definitely not for people who are barely making ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck. 

I can't recommend that you finance your marketing and business growth education by going into debt. (Although that's exactly what I did back when I was broke and in debt... and I continue to get an EXPONENTIAL return on that investment still to this day.)

One more important thang: This is not for people who "worship false idols." Or as one of my friends calls them, the "guru fan boys." No matter how much you're enamored with a certain entrepreneur, guru or celebrity... they're all flawed and fallible human beings.

Including me.

Especially me. (The details of which I share quite often in The Doberman Dan Letter.)

So if you're looking for the perfect messenger before you take action on the message... you're gonna die without ever accomplishing anything.

And to be totally transparent... any kind of public adulation makes me really uncomfortable. Several years ago I thought I wanted it. Now it just makes me cringe.

So please... don't put me on a pedestal. I'm just a guy who grew up poor in Barberton, Ohio. And I simply want to share the success lessons I've learned. The hard way. By making LOTS of mistakes. So YOU can avoid those same mistakes.

"My Income Is Up THREE-Fold!"

I’ve been along for the ride since issue #1 and enjoyed every minute of it. My income is up about three-fold over last year and that’s no small part due to the advice in the Doberman Dan Letter. Keep it up. People are listening.

Rob Gramer

Copywriter for “heavy hitter” direct response marketing companies in the health and financial markets.

DISCLAIMER: The results and sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures and/or those of my clients. Neither my results nor the results of my clients are typical. And it’s important that you know, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate those results. You see, I’ve been practicing direct response marketing for more than 30 years, so I’ve had a lot of “trial and error” time to get really good at it. In fact, I can’t imply or guarantee that you’ll get any results at all. Because my experience shows that the average person who buys “how to” information gets little to no results. Because, you see, even though most people have good intentions when buying instructional products, courses or coaching, most never actually DO anything. And taking action is the primary requisite for getting results. In fact, without action, it’s impossible to get results. I’m using the results stated in this message as references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to your experience, attitude and work ethic. All business involves risk and requires consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that fact, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM.

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

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Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

YES, Dan! I want my FREE book, Secret Code To Hidden Wealth, my FREE 30-Day knighthood trial and all my FREE bonuses!

Only pay S&H for the book today... $199 every 30 days thereafter

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

(No contract, no comittment, cancel at any time)

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